Claire’s sessions for my team produced extraordinary results. She knows how to win people’s trust, and crafts her approach to suit the audience. I saw a huge improvement, including in ways I could not have predicted.


her lessons on apprenticeship, brand recognition, adapting and allowing our careers to be “imperfect”, pushing outside of our comfort zones, and stakeholder management were all insightful… Most importantly, she’s so warm and charming. I can see why she’s effective at negotiating in crisis situations, as she puts you at ease, and is probably able to very quickly get to the heart of what you want and need. Very disarming.


Incredible woman – very funny but fundamental message that I can take away.


Her advice was tactful. But not therapy. That wasn’t what I needed and isn’t what she does, although she was both exquisitely polite and focused on my priorities, not hers. She was willing to tell me things other people were not willing to tell me, although they were true.


Claire was the most useful of more than 100 people to whom I spoke about my career. During several conversations, she repeatedly showed a highly unusual ability for quickly grasping the complexity of the decisions I was trying to make. Claire was able to figure out what my priorities were, and why, faster than I was on my own. She was able to help me gauge how realistic various professional options might be.