Claire Smith – Public Speaker

Public Speaking

Claire Smith’s engaging keynotes and workshops draw on her vast experience within the Diplomatic service and her subsequent career as a leading consultant.

Former British diplomat and extreme negotiator, Claire Smith, has engaged with governments, political institutions and corporate bodies across the globe.

Expert in managing the complexities of global business practices and the art of negotiation, Claire now runs her own consultancy business CH Smith Consulting to help re-build government capabilities after conflict and to help companies navigate turbulent times.

Claire’s engaging keynotes and workshops draw on her vast experience internationally and in the UK.

Claire is also a visiting professor and lecturer at several UK universities. Claire speaks near-native German, fluent French and Mandarin.

Claire Smith

Claire Smith’s keynote topics include:

The Art of Negotiation and Problem Solving

  • How do we define success when negotiating?
  • Applying skills from extreme contexts to daily business life and how to negotiate with people who do not share your mind-set.
  • What are the integral persuasion techniques involved in achieving your aims and objectives – how does that differ between cultures?
  • How do we adapt techniques when it comes to facing different types of negotiation and problem solving issues? In particular, what role does authenticity, communication, relationships and body language play?

Effective Communication

  • Achieving your goals using appropriate skills based on preferences, cultural and national differences, mindsets and biases.
  • Emotion and reason in crafting communication.
  • Assessing success.

Handling Change

  • Living and working in a global business; how to adapt to new business cultures and environments and acknowledge the disruption involved.
  • Dealing with disaster and downturns; what are the main factors to consider when forced to confront ambiguity and complexity and how to react to difficult operating environments.
  • Re-inventing countries and re-inventing yourself. Do specific behaviours and attitudes transcend culture when dealing with change?
  • Mitigating risk when dealing with uncontrollable external factors.
  • What do you need to handling successful change; forward thinking and planning; resilience; emotional awareness?