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Negotiation 2019

Posted on 11th July 2019

Here Claire discusses negotiating in 2019, and how the rules of the game have evolved.

Why am I here?

Published on 30th May 2018

Here Claire shares her thoughts on approaching speaking at an event.

Why Change?

Published on 1st March 2018

In this piece Claire discusses the rational and need for change, and how to change successfully.

Claire Wins Oxford Award

At the Masters in Major Programmes Management Cohort 7 Dinner, February 2018, Claire was awarded the Course Director’s Award for Mentoring .

Women In Building Services and Engineering I Dare to Dream, March 2013

Women in Facilities Management Annual Conference, London November 2013

Negotiation: why and how

Published on December 5, 2017

Here Claire talks about what negation really is, how it happens, and outlines how to prepare for complex “big occasion” negotiations.

Communication: best of both worlds

Published on September 26, 2016

In this article Claire reflects on the benefits and drawbacks of different methods communication in the context of a recent video conference with NBC Universal studios in Hollywood.

Negotiating Power

Published on August 18, 2016

Claire discusses the assessment of power in negotiating.

Tough Negotiators

Published on August 7, 2016

Claire discusses the benefits of being a purposeful negotiator instead of the vaguer “tough” negotiator. Decisions might be tough, but negotiators should be purposeful.

Brexit: 5 lessons from the Hong Kong Agreement

Published on July 30, 2016

Claire’s take on Brexit negotiations going forward, drawing from her experience of the Hong Kong agreement. 5 key lessons that can be applied to the governments approach to the following years.

Recent Events

Crossrail Archaeology Programme: Going beyond conventional stakeholder management, Association of Project Managers, Reading University and the Chartered Institute of Building , November 2018

NHS Buckinghamshire Trust, June 2018 – A Mentoring Approach – A full day workshop for a mixed team in facilities management, applying the principles of mentorship to everyday communication and difficult conversations.

Brunel University London, April 2018 – Critical Friend to postgraduates at the Brunel Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies presenting their versions of Joint Intelligence Committee assessments.

The Life International: Working in diplomacy and intelligence, engineering or education, April 2018

Identifying Emergent Threats, Loughborough London, February 2018

Ideal States and Pragmatic Alternatives, Loughborough University Here East , 16 October 2017 – A three hour interactive seminar, drawing on perspectives from major programme management, international relations and risk analysis. What are the  mitigation and de-escalation options? When is good enough good enough?

But what do you want it for? Secret intelligence and the foreign policy practitioner, Oriel  College Oxford, 22 September

Conventional and unconventional responses to security challenges, Loughborough University Here East, 22 March 2017 – A three-hour interactive session.  First identify your challenges, which may themselves be novel, then consider how best to respond.

Identifying and managing emergent threats. Loughborough University, Here East, 1 March 2017  – A three-hour interactive session. How do you spot a new threat? Will you know it when you see it? Are there any genuinely new threats or only old threats in new disguises? Does taking risks lead to success in your career?

Said Business School forum, London, 2 March 2017, Chaired by the Associate Dean of Said Business School,  a panel discussion about women taking risks in their careers.

Innovation and Excellence: the Future of Cybersecurity, University of Stirling 50th anniversary inaugural event, 26 January 2017 – A panel discussion  on the place of technology in society and the future of cybersecurity.


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