Claire Smith, Consultancy Services – Supporting Your Success

Former senior diplomat Claire Smith set up CH Smith Consulting Ltd in 2013, following a long career with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Drawing on her experience of policy formulation, risk, international relations and good governance, Claire now provides consultancy services to private companies, individuals, public sector and not-for-profit clients in the UK and internationally. Recent international activities include training, briefing and advisory work in the UK, West Africa and the Middle East. Claire speaks German, French and Mandarin.

Expert in managing the complexities of global business practices and the art of negotiation, CH Smith Consulting offers targeted, focussed, tailored services to solve your problem, recognising that people, situations and circumstances differ. The company has:

  • supported governments re-building capabilities after conflict;
  • created innovative and imaginative induction and development programmes for young professionals;
  • worked with organisations and individuals navigating turbulent times, delivering solutions at speed;
  • delivered tailored sessions for professional bodies responding to members’ needs for better communication skills.

Recognising that your situation, your needs, your problems, your circumstances are unique, CH Smith Consulting listens first. Then the conversation can begin, in confidence, about what is right for you and your organisation.

Development & Training Programmes

Designing and delivering customised briefing and training programmes with an international focus.

Organisations need the right programmes for their current and future needs, not those of the past. What worked before won’t always work now. They need flexible and creative programmes which deliver. Individuals want engaging and energising programmes to improve their working lives.

From 30 minutes of concentrated quality briefing to redesigning and delivering an entire specialist programmes, from induction training to modules for Masters programmes, Claire Smith has delivered highly effective courses for UK and international clients.

Leadership Support

Understanding a complicated situation with only incomplete or contradictory information requires a number of skills  – critical thinking, detachment, taking a longer–term view.

Implementing an operational plan to resolve a crisis, tackle a problem, bring about change require energy, resolve and resilience. We can support that process.

What people say

Claire was indeed the most useful of more than 100 people to whom I spoke about my career. … During several conversations, she repeatedly showed a highly unusual ability for quickly grasping the complexity of the decisions I was trying to make. Claire Berlinski