What do you need?

Sometimes, it’s hard to describe what you need. That’s fine: we can talk about that. All my programmes start with a conversation. It’s about you, your situation, your aims.

Maybe these sound familiar? Organisations and teams starting out, re-building, upskilling, managing change, confronting a crisis, recovering from a disaster.

Are you in transition, entering the workplace, moving up, moving out, needing to persuade, to negotiate, to have difficult conversations? Too many obstacles in your way? Needing to find your voice?            

Who is this for?

Clients have included:


academies, colleges, universities

multinational companies

professional bodies, special interest groups

the NHS

project managers, facilities managers, young professionals, postgraduates, and individuals

Face to face, in person, or remotely. For a team, a whole organisation, an individual. It can last an hour, a day, three days, a week, a year.