Claire Smith

About Claire Smith

I have had an unconventional international career, full of change, challenges, adventures, and surprises. I have worked for governments, a major Swiss bank, and run my own company. I have been a non-executive director, a charity trustee, a school governor and chaired boards. I have re-invented my career more than once.

Most of my work has involved solving problems…

… some more extreme than others. I have negotiated successfully with the Taliban and featured on a North Korean postage stamp. Most people want to hear about the last two.

I speak French, German and Mandarin, and can survive in Spanish.

Some of my work has required these skills, and more. For the last 12 years, I have offered my experience and expertise to create and deliver training, briefing and development programmes at home and abroad. I start with your needs, requirements, problems and possibilities.

I draw on my experience of the world of work in career consultancy. Whether you are at a crossroads, facing a crisis, entering the world of work, I can help.